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Monday, September 5, 2016

Marvel Heroscape: Secret Wars

One day, 4 Glyphs fell from the sky and wrecked 2 buildings, and after that day the Fantastic Four's lab was destroyed.

Now, 4 heroes and 4 Skrulls must find 2 Glyphs they need.

Captain America, Jean Grey, and Daredevil and Hawkeye are at the lab, wondering what happened.

Meanwhile, Skrulls are at the other end of the battlefield, but you would not know that because they are disguised as a dragon, Storm, Spiderman and Human Torch.

Captain America moves, it's only a building with wings.

Turns out the dragon was hiding behind it.

Jean Grey moves next, and then Daredevil finds the Lighting Glyph!

Storm flew to the top of some ruins of a wrecked building.

Captain America goes up there, only to be shocked by Storm!

Daredevil goes back to the original spot where he started.

Spiderman thinks the Glyph that the Skrulls need is on a hill.

Captain America goes off to stop Spiderman from finding the Gear Glyph.

The dragon comes to attack Jean Grey!

Daredevil goes off the battlefield and recovers the Glyph. (Yay!)

Spiderman attacks Captain America!

Captain America fights back.

Hawkeye helps Jean Grey fight the dragon.

However, Human Torch attacks Jean Grey, attempting to take away attention from fighting the dragon.

Captain America is down from a thunderbolt from Storm! (boo!)

Is this looking like the Skrulls will win?!?

Maybe yes, Spiderman has found the Gear Glyph!

Hawkeye shoots a trick arrow at Spiderman.

Spiderman is down!

Human Torch is still fighting Jean Grey.

Storm tries to sneak up on Jean Grey, but suffers the same fate as Spiderman!

Jean Gray rips the wings off the dragon, killing it!

However, Jean Grey is down from overheating. (get it? cause Human Torch's fire?)

Hawkeye preforms a close combat attack, downing Human Torch.

The battle is won by the Heroes.

"Time for the grand finale!"-Green Arrow's victory quote in Injustice.

Yay Heroes!!!!

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