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Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Heroes lend Marvel and DC a hand.

Villains drool and Heroes rule!  From Dashiell and Daddy.

Fantastic Four versus Skrulls: Baxter Plaza Invaded

 Here is the Fantastic Four in their Laboratory in the Baxter Plaza Building.

Suddenly a portal is activated!

 Skrulls come out of the portal.  They advance towards the Fantastic Four.  The battle is on!

 The Invisible Woman was knocked out by a laser blast from a Skrull warrior.

The Thing throws a lab tables and takes out the Skrulls one by one.
 The Human Torch uses his Nova Flame to take out some Skrulls and some knock down some lab equipment.  Afterwards he gets knocked out by the Skrulls.

The Thing also gets knocked out by Skrulls.  The Invisible Woman revives to join the battle.  Mr. Fantastic grabs the final Skrull, holding him tightly bound while Invisible Woman takes him out.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Inside Baxter Plaza...

 Here's inside Baxter Plaza in the lab of the Fantastic Four.

 Over there is The Thing.  He says, "It's Calculating time!"

 Here is some of the lab equipment.

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman say, "Let's take this to the lab."

New Hex Board

 Check out our new Hex Board pictures.  We created a double sided hex board out of pink foam.  One side is gray for city streets or castle interiors.  The other side is brown for dirt or ancient ruin floors.

 "It's Ultimate Deadpool," says Deadpool

"I love playing tag with Ninjas!  Stand still, now.  Hardy har har"

Monday, August 25, 2014

 Collect figures for your game!

 If Doctor Doom is destroyed roll a d20 to see if it is a Doombot instead.

Challenge your opponent to win battles.  Below Bucky vs. Hydra Agents.

Look out Bucky!

Look out Hydra!  Bucky is on a defeating streak!