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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Laser Blade games!!!! A SuperHeroscape special edition post.

The set of pictures (including this one above) shows the first game. A Soldier is in range of the Robot's attack! In case you don't know what Laser Blade is, it is a game of battling futuristic miniatures.  You can find out more here:

The attack is a hit! The Soldier is dead.

The heavy weapons guy tries to avenge his friend, but misses. That is lucky for the Robot or if the attack was a hit, it would ignore the armor of the Robot causing a one hit death.

This is Gus. P.S. He killed a Robot.

Gus lasted a long time.

Until the Robot got close.

The rest of the Soldiers ran away, so the Robots won.

The robots were painted by Dashiell and both games he played as the Robots, and David played the Soldiers.  Game 2 is below.

Dashiell smiling over Gus' early death.  Poor Gus.

Robots closing in.  This Soldier better watch out!

Looks like they forgot to "Watch Out".

But the Soldier avenged his dead friends.

A hand to hand combat is going on.  The Robot is a martial artist, but unluckily misses his attack.

The Soldier kills the martial artist Robot.

Two of the remaining Soldiers retreat, leaving one to face the last of the Robots.

It was down to one Robot and one Soldier, and the Robot won. We hope you want more Laser Blade games.

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  1. Hi Dashiell

    We found your blog. It looks awesome! Cant wait to read it. Great seeing you today.

    Terry and Mark